Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen

The Supra is Kaweco's most versatile pen yet. The minimal brass design brings sophistication and elegance, whilst the pen's modular makeup brings deep functionality and intrigue.

The pen can function, at its shortest, as a pocket pen, of almost identical length to the classic Liliput design, but with a significantly increased diameter. The Eco Brass gives the pen a strength equivalent to stainless steel, meaning it will survive being thrown about in a pocket or bag all day with no worries.

Using the extender gives the pen 3.1cm of added length, and 10g of extra weight, making it a more comfortable fit for longer writing sessions, and suiting those with larger hands. 

In its shorter form, the pen can take a singe Kaweco cartridge, with the extended pen being able to take a converter as well.

Comes in a Kaweco gift tin.

For more details about the pen's modularity and design, please check out our blog post on the Supra here.


Full length capped: 12.8cm

Full length posted: 16.2cm

Weight: 50g

Short length capped: 9.7cm

Short length posted: 13.1cm 

Weight: 40g


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