Pineider La Grande Bellezza Fountain Pen

With more than 200 years of history, Florentine stationers Pineider offer some superbly made fountain pens, and La Grande Bellezza is the creation of renowned pen designer Dante del Vecchio, giving this gorgeous fountain pen an incredible pedigree.

The mesmerisingly patterned resin body is scattered though with marble dust, adding both to its weight and its beauty. The colours are based on gemstones, and the entrancing Rhodolite Red is our particular favourite.

The magnetic lid is very thoughtfully designed; the magnets are aligned to gently open and close the pen as you twist the lid. There are also magnets in the body to hold the lid in place when posted.

The clip to attach it to your pocket or notebook is fully sprung for a firm grip, and has been inspired by the shape of a goose quill; a nod to the history of pens.

The engraved band around the base of the lid shows the classic pangram beloved of pen and ink fans everywhere: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".

The steel section is fluted and textured at the end to prevent your fingers slipping too far down the pen, promoting a comfortable hold.

The medium nib is 15 carat gold, and is quite springy to allow you to vary the line as you write. An alternative fine nib is available to order on request.

La Grande Bellezza comes with a converter for use with bottled ink. If you fancy creating a custom colour ink to go with your pen, Pineider also make the amazing Alchemy of Colours ink mixology set. Alternatively, you can simply detach the converter and use standard-size ink cartridges

Comes in a green leather presentation box. Made in Italy.

Length Closed: 14.1 cm
Length Posted: 16.5 cm


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