Reviews & Feedback

We always welcome feedback of any kind: if it's bad, let us know so we can fix it; if it's good, we just enjoy hearing it!
Get in touch by post, phone, or email to let us know what you think; all the details are on our contact page, or feel free to leave a review on Facebook or Google

Here's a selection of some of the lovely feedback we have received from happy customers:

"Beautiful shop - gorgeous leather bound journals and photo albums! Only problem is, I just want one of everything!" - V.J. 18/09/15

"Today I received my order and am delighted with it. What better gift than a set of good quality notepaper and a fountain pen" - M.G. 16/10/15

"Thank you for sending my note paper. It was exquisitely packaged and I love the paper.
Keep up the good work." - J.K. 18/10/15

"Thanks so much for sending the letter writing paper. My husband loved it!" - R.R. 27/10/15

"Thank you for all your help. I am sure we will be dealing with each other again, as your shop is my son's favourite in all of Oxford I think. He tells me he is been in many of times to look at your fabulous books and things, but of course his meagre student finances don’t allow him to purchase a lot. So, once again, thank you for all your help." - H.R. 27/10/15

"Thanks very much, they [journal inserts] arrived very quickly and fit perfectly. Very happy!" - E.H. 30/10/15

"It [the journal] is perfect!  I love it, so I am sure she will too. Thank you so much for the help and personal care you put into this order.  I really appreciate it." - J.B. 09/11/15
"Thank you very much. My husband was very taken with it [the compass] when we visited your shop recently so I've got it as a surprise Christmas present for him. I know he'll be delighted. Many thanks for your great service." - A.W. 20/11/15

"Just a quick note to say that I love the quill pen and ink set, it is beautiful -  I've bought it for my grand-daughter's birthday, but I might treat myself to a set soon!" - L.G. 30/11/15

"Received today. Wonderful as always." - M.M. 02/12/15

"Thank you for letting me know so quickly. The album has arrived, and it's perfect!! Once again, thank you for your fantastic help and service, you've made the whole experience that much better." - L.A. 09/12/15

"The parcel has just arrived to our address. We are very happy with it :-) Thanks so much for all your help." - L.J. 12/12/15

"Looks perfect!! Thank you kindly for all your help in organising this amazing gift." - A.A. 15/12/15

"My order arrived today - thank you so much for your help with it! The writing paper is beautiful and I am extremely happy with it." - M.F. 16/12/15

"Thank you, Scriptum Fine Stationery, for your brilliant service. The item I ordered yesterday has arrived already and is just what I wanted. Many thanks!" - J.S. 30/12/15 

"I'll definitely be ordering from you again and recommending you to friends and family." - S.B. 11/01/16

"I have just received my order of a box of beautiful stationery and am quite delighted. It certainly made my day. I especially appreciate the brown paper and string wrapping and the card. Now all I have to do do is compose some letters that - hopefully - do justice to the elegance of the paper! Many sincere thanks." - E.R. 14/01/16

"Excellent journal, nice engraving. Thank you." - J.F. 14/01/15

"Just received your product that I ordered recently over the internet. Small leather pencil case. Fantastic packaging and the perfect article. Better than I had anticipated. Thank you for your prompt service and will probably visit your shop next time I am in Oxford." - S.D. 15/01/16

"Thank you for your prompt attention of my order. I am delighted with the above and have recommended your company to relatives and friends." - M.V. 17/01/16

"Just to let you know that the journal arrived safely this morning and it looks lovely. The engraving has come out very well and I am sure my nephew will be very pleased with it... Thank you again for all your help and speedy service!" - S.R. 05/02/16

"Just to say I am delighted with my recent purchase of two journals.  They arrived beautifully wrapped {I love brown paper packages tied up with string}. Great attention to detail and very fast delivery. Will certainly use Scriptum again. Cheers" - E.M. 19/03/16

"The stationery box just arrived.  It is beautiful!  I let my husband open it early and he loves it.  Thank you so much!" - D.K. 24/03/16

"Paper arrived - it's splendid, the best I've ever bought. Thank you so much!!" - J.B. 02/04/16

"Thanks so much for your quick and super efficient customer service with this! It's really appreciated." - L.C. 24/05/16

"Looking forward to using the journal in particular, it's going to be part of a 10 year project, so I'll be back to you for refills in due time. Thanks for the excellent service." - I.L. 25/06/15

"That is excellent service!!! Thanks very very much." M.C-H. 24/05/16

"Thank you so much for your extraordinary commitment and kind consideration of my needs. I love the wallet (and so will my brother)! I can fully recommend Scriptum to everyone who is looking for a unique combination of great craftsmanship, items that have a (hi)story and flawless customer service." M.S. 16/06/16

"Thank you so much for another lovely Scriptum book... I wrestled with my conscience but the book won!! Until next time!!" - S.W. 05/08/16


"I got my package. Everything is fine and very nice. Thank you very much for everything." - N.R. 08/08/16

"Thank you...  It looks beautiful and thank you for the extra mile!" - S.A. 08/08/16

"After conducting a huge amount of research I purchased a small leather pen case from you, for my three lovely mont blanc pens. I just wished to let you know that the pen case is even more beautiful than I had imagined and extremely good value. Thank you very much indeed." - D.G. 11/08/16

"The finished journal looks wonderful, thank you very much for the services and the photos! ... Thank you again; I couldn't be more grateful for all your help." - P.N. 12/08/16
" Thank you for all your help! ... I received the folder and it looks great. Thanks again" - L.J. 22/08/16
"Thank you very much again for your perfect service!" - P.G. 31/08/16
"Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of this lovely folder." - B.S. 21/09/17
"Just a quick note (via the terribly inadequate medium of email in response to your lovely hand-written missive), to say thank you so much for all your endeavours, assistance and effort with my new journal. It arrived the other day and it is just perfect, simply magnificent." - B.D. 25/09/16
"It [the manuscript journal] looks beautiful! I cannot wait to my partner to see it!... Thank you very much for your kindness and quick responses!" - Y.R. 05/10/16
"Today I received my order and I felt I had to send back a feedback as I was pretty overwhelmed with the excitement. I ordered a music manuscript journal with a personalised engraving and it has totally surpassed my expectations. I have been looking for this specific gift for someone special for months now, I feel I must have searched the whole of internet and nearby shops but couldn't find anything close to what I was imagining: a high quality, leather journal to write music... It looks beautiful, stylish and personal, and the size is wider and thicker than I thought it would be, I love it. I can't wait to gift it to the talented music composer for the New Years, who I believe just needs to own something like this. Thank you for being out there." - K.S. 06/12/16
"I was thrilled to receive your beautifully wrapped parcel the day after I ordered the ornamental balloons. Such a luxury to see that someone has taken such personal care and time to make it look special. Loved the personalised card and the gorgeous writing on the parcel. Thank you." - S.S. 18/01/17
"I ordered a 2017 Italy Desk Calendar for my desk at work. The calendar is excellent quality and just what I was looking for. The item was delivered to me within a couple of days of me placing the order and came beautifully wrapped, with a personalised card from Scriptum, which I thought was a really nice touch. I am very pleased with my order and the service I received." - L.M. 23/01/17
"We had our wedding invitations and orders of service printed through Scriptum and they provided a wonderful and bespoke service from start to finish. Holly was patient, informative and reliable from the moment I made the first phone call, through each and every proof, right through to completion. The final products are absolutely beautiful and Holly was a pleasure to work with." - C.C. - 15/02/17
"I wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help. I had a extremely delightful experience with Scriptum and especially you. The wine journal was very well received, and both of us were pleasantly surprised by the quality and craftsmanship of not only the book itself but also the gift wrapping and note. It is surely going to be with us for years to come if not forever." - G.M. 15/02/17
"Thank you for your excellent service" - B.W. 19/02/17
"I would like to pass on my extreme thanks and gratitude to everyone responsible for the handling, preparation and shipping of my order... The Barraco journal was breathtaking, and the recipient of the gift was visibly moved by the quality of the wrapping, the handwritten note and obviously, the journal itself. I cannot thank you enough, and I am sure to recommend your services at every possible opportunity." - A.B. 23/02/17
"I just wanted to let you know I have just received the journals for my son. They are simply exquisite. I love absolutely everything about them - the materials, the colours, the skilled work, the engraving and details in the leather, the beautiful backs/binding in them. The list goes on... Moreover, your lovely wrapping, packaging, script of my name and personal cards. You really are just an exceptional company." - J.N. 17/03/17
" Just writing to say thanks for the two great books I received last week! They are perfect for our needs!" - A.W. 06/04/17
"Thanks for 1. Sending my order so promptly, 2. Packing it so delightfully - well done Holly! 3. But most of all for stocking the stationery I have been looking for years." - J.T. 24/04/17

"Many thanks for the two journals. I use them for my reading notes and they encourage me to write neatly! I do love Scriptum and it is always a thrill to receive one of your parcels. Keep up the good work." - S.W. 16/05/17

"The book arrived and it's perfect.   Thank you for your help." - J.S. 04/06/17

"So many thanks for your email regarding my recent purchase... It arrived the next day (this morning) and we are delighted with it and the way it was so well packed. Once again thank you for your excellent service and we will be back soon looking for more ideas." - J.W. 13/06/17
"The journal, now beautifully embossed, has been safely received for which many thanks" - B.S. 21/06/17

"Thank you for my order of writing paper & cards which arrived promptly yesterday morning. I am delighted with  them & I am pleased that I am still with a quill pen & ledger!" - A.G. 28/06/17

"Just wanted to drop a you a quick note and say thanks again for all your help with the Gold Ink and calligraphy pen... I was thrilled to find some one as lovely as you to help!" - J.C. 11/07/17


"I am delighted  with the engraving & the address book. I  look forward to doing business  with you  in the future." - A.G. 12/07/17