Everything and More: The Kaweco Supra's Modularity as a Paragon of Functional Beauty

Kaweco pens have long been a staple here at Scriptum - from the Perkeo to the Fireblue Liliput, or the Sport to last year's Special Red Collection, we adore it all - and so today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our Kaweco family: the Supra. 

The Supra is built on the principles of the beloved Liliput, but with some very notable modifications. For starters, it is a much chunkier pen, which will delight those who deeply admire the Liliput's design, but envy those with hands small enough to use it in equal measure (including yours truly).

A Kaweco Liliput and a Kaweco Supra side by side on marbled paper

The increased diameter lends the pen a lot of extra weight, with it weighing 40 grams sans extender, and 50 grams when the extender is in use. This allows the pen to sit solidly in the hand, without worry of slippage and ensuing smudging. The extra weight's benefits do not end in the hand, however, as the considerable grammage behind the nib creates a wonderfully smooth and consistent ink flow, unmatched so far by any other Kaweco offering.

What truly sets the Supra apart from its brethren is its modularity. The pen is made up of three sections as opposed to two - an extender being present alongside the usual grip and barrel sections.

A disassembled Kaweco Supra, in three parts, on marbled paper

This extender adds 3.1cm and 10 grams to the pen when deployed, and turns the Supra from a heavyweight pocket pen into a more luxurious, comfortable fountain pen, enabling longer use without sacrificing comfortability. 

A Kaweco Supra with extender and a Kaweco Supra without extender side by side on marbled paper

We are currently only stocking the brass Supra, and while some of you may have concerns about the pen's toughness as a result of this, there is no need to worry. The Supra is made from Wieland Eco Brass which, apart from being lead-free and thus more sustainable, has the equivalent strength of stainless steel as a result of its unique formula. This bolsters its functionality as a pocket pen, meaning that keys, cards, change, and all other manner of pocket gubbins will simply bounce off it, giving you peace of mind as you go about your day.

As is common with brass products, the pen will age visibly over its time with you, resulting in an entirely unique patina, created by your own hand. We might be biased, but we believe that the ageing of an item so personal as a pen or a journal in tandem with the owner is one of the most poignant and compelling details of the analogue articles of daily life. If, however, you prefer your brass clean and resplendent, the pen can be easily returned to its original shine with very minimal effort.

To feel the considerable weight and marvellous ink flow of the Supra for yourself, visit us in our Turl Street shop today. If you aren't able to visit us and view this fine writing instrument in the flesh, you can view it on our website here.

Stay safe and well, Scriptum blog readers x 

Two Kaweco Supras with extenders, with a Kaweco Supra without extender in the foreground on a pen stand, all on marbled paper