Time to talk

The Good Place


Today is #timetotalk day; a great campaign encouraging us to talk about mental health issues without fear or stigma. My colleagues and I send our love and support to everyone who is struggling, and I'd like to share my own story. For my personal mental wellbeing, I find it really helpful to put pen to paper to remember the good things which happen every day. It doesn't have to be anything big: it could be kindness from a stranger, anything which suddenly makes me smile, even a particularly good cup of coffee. It's easy to get swamped in the negative things which happen in the world and in our own minds, so creating space in the day to write a simple, positive sentence calms and centres me, and helps me focus on good memories. This year I am going to write a line a day in a journal I have called 'The Good Place', and I hope that this idea might help other people too. So, take some time today to have a chat about the problems one in four of us face, and spread the word that it's #timetotalk!