Don't hang around - historical figures are frequenting Scriptum!

In Oxford, there is always a good chance you will run into someone famous - a visiting author here to speak at the Union, perhaps, or a celebrity alumnus back for the day to stroll the spires and reminisce. However, if you are looking for a guaranteed face to face with some of the world's most prominent thinkers, look no further! 

We are incredibly pleased to introduce you to our range of Hanging Historical Figures, available right this second either in store, or here on our website. There are a wide range of both literary and musical figures - such as Verdi, Dante, Jane Austen, and Sherlock Homes - for you to have a tête-à-tiny-tête with, so you can really assess who will make the perfect gift for the artist in your life, or addition to your own home.

The figures are all hand sewn, and are sourced by St. Nicolas Heritage and Christmas Decoration Designers. For almost three decades, St Nicolas have employed disadvantaged rural women in Thailand to produce their unique  decorations, and in doing so have prevented these women from the necessity of leaving home to work in a factory. The organisation currently employs over 200 women, some of whom have been making these decorations for over a decade now, and we are extremely pleased to be working with them to support this important endeavour. On top of all this, we also happen to think the decorations are simply stunning!

We believe the best way of viewing them is to get up close and personal with them in the shop, so that you are able to see the intricately sewn details on each and every decoration, but if you don't have the time to drop in, we also have them displayed beautifully in our window, allowing you to brighten your day with a walk-by-viewing as you head out into Oxford! Whatever your method of viewing, we are certain you will be as enamoured with them as we are.