Introducing... Bomo Art at Scriptum

 We’ve been selling their products in our shop on The Turl for a little while and now we’re very pleased to be introducing a wide selection of Bomo Art stationery to our website.

Bomo Art are based in Budapest, where they design and make all their beautiful items - from the conception of their unique printed papers, to the handbinding of their journals.


A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of a Hungarian heatwave, we were lucky enough to have lunch with the business's founder at a leafy Budapest cafe and discover for ourselves the passion and workmanship that goes into everything the company produces. Bomo Art say they aim to entice us to write… with stationery this wonderful, how could one resist?


There are cards, photograph albums, address books, boxfiles and a handful of different journals to choose from. To see everything click here.