Tree of Life Journal

An Italian leather-bound journal in tactile oiled leather, featuring an embossed image of the tree of life bordered by Celtic knotting. The tree of life symbolises the afterlife and the connection between earth and heaven. It has been found across many cultures and the motif appears in Egyptian, early Christian, Celtic, African, and Buddhist representations. The tree itself is grounded in the earthly by its roots, with branches stretching upwards to the heavens, and the circle that encloses it is a symbol of interconnection. Available in three bright colours, the Tree of Life journal is an ideal gift for lovers of spirituality and cultural history. Plain pages inside.

This item can be personalised, please click here for details of our engraving service.

For an in-depth look at how these journals are created, see our blog article on their artisan makers, Amarcord.

A5 size


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