Oxford Letterpressed Notebook

Our Oxford Letterpressed Notebook is the first collaboration between ourselves and prestigious Italian stationers Rossi, who we have been proudly working with for over  20 years.

These stitched notebooks contain the highest quality Rossi paper inside, and the eco-friendly card covers are made using the inedible parts left over from commercial fruits and vegetables - kiwis for the light green, almonds for the light brown, citrus fruits for the cream, and cherries for the red.

Each notebook is printed in Italy using a vintage letterpress printing machine from the 1930s, with 'Oxford Notebook' printed on the front, and 'Scriptum Oxford' on the back, making it a beautiful, functional reminder of your time in Oxford. 

Available in 4 different styles and 4 different colours. 

15 x 21 cm (A5), 64 pages, plain paper


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