Ornate Vase Journal

Embossed with an intricate motif - contained within a classic, stylish border - our Ornate Vase Journal is a perfectly balanced writing companion, suitable for slipping into a bag or a large jacket pocket. 

The image of the amphora is pertinent to the journal, for just as amphora were used as vessels for wine and other goods during Roman times, a journal is a crucial vessel for your thoughts and feelings in our increasingly hurried world. While technology has myriad benefits, it simply cannot replace the experience of expressing oneself on the page, and that is what we hope to provide with the Ornate Vase Journal. 

Its leather cover is sturdy enough to withstand the jostling of daily life, meaning it can stay on your person at all times, always to hand whenever your feelings need divulging, or an idea strikes that warrants a detailed exploration.

Designed by us here at Scriptum, and handcrafted in our bindery in Piacenza, the journal contains 72 acid-free, plain pages, and is available in either Stone or Bronze, with the Stone journal's embossed elements being highlighted in bronze foil.

The Stone journal's leather has been carefully chosen to closely resemble the colour of Headington Stone, the specific type of limestone from Headington Quarry that many of Oxford's earliest buildings are constructed from. 

The Orange journal's leather is a tactile suede, which makes it a particular pleasure to hold, and accentuates the blind embossing on its cover.

Made in Piacenza, Italy.

This item can be personalised, please click here for details of our engraving service.

For an in-depth look at how these journals are created, see our blog article on their artisan makers.

For a simple and effective method of protecting your journal, see our Scriptum Drawstring Canvas Bag.

17 x 12.5 cm

72 pages


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