"One Line a Day" Five Year Memory Book

This five year diary is a real staff favourite - Holly is several years into hers (she has the teal version!) and wants to convince you why everyone should have one:

"Here's why a five year diary is better than a normal one. There are fewer lines per day to write on - so you are more likely to actually fill it in every day! This also means you pick out the important things about your life rather than endlessly scribbling minutiae. I find it really calming to just take a few minutes to fill it in every evening before I go to bed.

As the entries stack up on top of each other on the page for that date, it is strangely fascinating, from the second year onwards, to know what you were doing at exactly the same time last year. I also use mine as a reading record and it's interesting to look back at what books I was reading and when.

This one is compact enough to take away with me when travelling, but it's also far easier than a normal diary to fill in belatedly if you miss a day, or even a week. Mine is one of my favourite possessions, and now just feels like an external part of me."

This diary is available two styles: in a teal faux leather cover with gold embellishments, and a more rugged canvas-bound version.

10 x 16 cm


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