Kaweco Student Fountain Pen

Kaweco started selling fountain pens in a tiny retail store near the University of Heidelberg in Germany in 1883, and so a long and successful history of providing students with fountain pens began. With a body of high-quality injection-moulded acrylic resin, and a medium nib made by noted nib-makers Bock of Heidelberg, the Kaweco student is a classic and affordable choice for a pen that writes reliably and smoothly. The student takes standard international ink cartridges or a converter (sold separately).

Available in many different colours and styles. The plain colours (black, yellow, and white) come with chrome-plated brass fittings, and the era-themed selection come with gold-plated brass fittings. Each era-themed pen has a cream body with a different coloured cap, including:

20s Jazz: the brown cap echoes the tone of the feather boas and pinstriped suits of the exuberant, jazz-filled 1920s.

30s Blues: a muted red colour for the cap embodies the melancholy of blues music and was also one of the most popular colours of the 1930s.

50s Rock: this rocking blue cap reflects the swishing A-line skirts and rockabilly denim of the 1950s. 

60s Swing: This green cap has all the cool sophistication of Audrey Hepburn in a Givenchy suit in "Paris when it sizzles". Enough said. 

70s Soul: this trendy orange cap evokes the most popular colour of the 1970s, a warm autumnal orange, full of soul.

Presented in a nostalgic Kaweco gift tin with an ink cartridge.

Capped: 130 mm
Unposted: 120 mm
Posted: 160 mm

Weight: 25 g


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