Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen

Such a tiny pen! Aptly named the Liliput, this model is one of the oldest designs in Kaweco's range, originally issued in 1908. Still one of the most compact yet usable fountain pens you can get, this sleek, stylish pen is now available in a whole range of metals.

The aluminium models are light yet durable, while the brass and steel versions have more weight to them, for those who like a bit of heft to their pen. Our favourite model, the Fireblue, is made from steel and then blowtorched to give each pen an individual oil-slick patina. 

Closed, the pen is only 9.7 cm, but with the cap screwed securely onto the back, the pen extends to an elegant, slender profile, 12.5cm long; comfortable to write with for even those with larger hands. 

The Liliput takes short international standard cartridges, making it easy to refill your pen wherever in the world you take it. It comes with a medium nib as standard, but other sizes can be fitted with no extra charge (extra fine, fine, broad, and extra broad) - just contact us for availability. 

Comes in a Kaweco-branded presentation tin.

Closed: 9.7 cm
Posted: 12.5 cm


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