Hand-Marbled Paper

Each sheet of this glorious paper is individually hand-marbled, creating a unique piece every time. Ideal for book-binding, decoupage, scrapbooking, journalling, or as wrapping for a very special present. 

The technique used to create the marbling requires great skill and precision, and has been used in Italy since the 17th century. A shallow basin is filled with a thick, vegetable-based liquid, and its surface is sprinkled with different colours. The artist creates patterns in these colours using combs or wooden rods, and then gently places the paper on the surface of the liquid without disturbing the design. It only takes a few seconds for the paper to absorb the colours, then the decoration is complete.

Hand-made in Italy. Shipped folded. Remember, each sheet is a one-off, so all patterns and colours will vary slightly from those pictured. 

If you would like to take advantage of the three sheet offer, please add a note to your order at checkout to let us know which colours you would prefer.

Sheet: 49 x 69cm


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