Esterbrook Oversize Estie Fountain Pen

A play on the brand's nickname, the Estie is a quintessential symbol of 1930s nostalgia, but with the comfortability of modern production standards and comforts. The Oversize Estie brings all the beauty and functionality of the original, whilst catering for those who prefer a thicker writing instrument.

The barrel of the pen is made by turning and blending the highest quality acrylic mix, which is then meticulously polished to give it that classic Esterbrook sheen. The gold clip accents the pens beautifully, and allows for easy slipping into a pocket without worry of loss. The pen also features a cushion cap closure mechanism, which ensures the nib stays wet by creating a secondary seal when the pen is capped.

The pen comes supplied with a medium nib.


Length: cm

Length when posted: cm 


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