Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen

A cult classic fountain pen from the renowned German brand Kaweco, who have been making pens since 1883. The Kaweco Skyline Sport series is hand assembled and is made of ABS injection-moulded plastic with silver accents. The octagonal barrel design dates from 1935 - it measures a compact 10.5cm when closed, but when the cap is mounted on top of the barrel grows to a comfortable-to-hold 13 centimetre long pen, hence their catchy slogan: "Small in the pocket, large in the hand". Comes with a medium stainless steel fitted as standard, but please contact us for availability if you require a broad or fine nib instead.

Comes in a cardboard gift carton. Clips in either gold plate or chrome are available as a separate accessory, and clasp onto the pen to allow it to be clipped in a pocket.

Closed: 10.5 cm
Open with cap posted: 13 cm


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