Coppia Double Journal

The Scriptum-exclusive Coppia Double Journal aims to revolutionise the way you engage with your journalling practice through its never-before-seen layout. Conceptualised by Scriptum and realised in our Italian bindery, the journal provides a truly unique writing experience, and hopes to open new channels of creativity within you.

For us, the Coppia Double Journal is a symbol of love. It is a symbol of the enmeshing of two souls within a relationship to create a larger whole of beauty and trust. Our creative director, Azeem, had the idea for the journal whilst thinking about the profound bond that his parents shared, and as such their faces adorn our example of the deeply personal customisation available with this journal.

As well as its distinctive aesthetics, the functional possibilities of the Coppia are unlike any of our other journals. The luxurious, hardback leather binding folds out to reveal two separate journals encased within it, bringing forth endless possibilities of use.

We have heard over many years how customers often have different journals for different needs, and as such we wanted to provide a space for more than one journalling system to co-exist. Equally, the journal can be used for many other combinatory pursuits: for example, one side of the journal can be used to process and rationalise worrisome or melancholy thoughts, whilst the other can be used to practice gratitude and affirmative thinking. The limit to this journal's possibilities really does lie with the user, and we are tremendously excited to see how these revolutionary works of art are put to use.

The journal is available in a Blind Embossed Brown leather, or a Gold Embossed Red leather, and features a metal chain closure to ensure its two halves remain in constant connection with one another, as well as providing some privacy for such a meaningful writing repository. 

In addition to our usual personalisation options, the Brown Coppia Double Journal can be inlaid with two photos of your choosing (as pictured), making it an exceptionally thoughtful wedding or anniversary present. This process will take longer than our usual engravings, but adds a level of personal detail unrivalled by any other service we provide. For more information, please email us at, where will be happy to discuss the process with you.

Made in Piacenza, Italy.

This item can be personalised, please click here for details of our engraving service.

For an in-depth look at how these journals are created, see our blog article on their artisan makers.

For a simple and effective method of protecting your journal, see our Scriptum Drawstring Canvas Bag.

Coppia Double Journal Medio: 26 x 17 cm

Coppia Double Journal Grande: 31 x 22 cm

480 pages total (240 plain pages per side)


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