Handmade Hungarian Marionette

These delightful puppets are all individually handmade in Manufaktor’s tiny old workshop in Budapest. While miniature scarves are sewn and boots are moulded, rows of curious hand-painted puppet heads peer down from racks on the walls wondering who will turn into a real boy next. Will a snarling wolf get his paws, or Captain Hook his hat? Familiar fairytale and literary characters hang patiently next to spooky legends from Hungarian folktales, all just waiting for you to bring them to life. Each has more than 20 component parts, with materials ranging from ash and beech wood to hat felt and feathers, and each tiny detail is handcrafted with love and a passion for puppetry.

As every single one is unique, fabrics and costumes may vary - if you want to see what variants of a particular character we have in stock, please contact us. They can be manipulated from the lightweight crosspiece at the top - buy a set of fairytale characters to put on your own puppet theatre productions. 

Average marionette size: 23 x 11 cm

Average marionette & controls height: 45cm


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