Visconti Calligraphy Pen Set

Our favourite Italian pen-makers, Visconti, present a generously-equipped calligraphy set. The set includes:

1. Fountain pen body with lid for use with:
          2. Broad (1.5mm) steel calligraphy nib
          3.  Fine (0.5mm) steel calligraphy nib
4. Pen body for use with:
          5. Roller-graphic section (for use with included ink cartridges)
          6. Rollerball section (for use with included rollerball refill)
          7. Glass dip pen nib
8. Leather presentation box

Ideal for use in writing wedding invitations or other special missives, the calligraphic nibs will give even the most scrawled handwriting an enchanting variability of line, and will elevate neat handwriting to a miniature work of art. The glass dip pen nib is a revelation, writing smoothly and consistently, and lasting for far longer than we expected on a single dip in ink! For more practical everyday writing, the rollerball glides over the page with very little effort. Finally, the roller-graphic nib (which uses ink cartridges) is a clever compromise for those who prefer the feel of a rollerball for lengthy writing, yet still desire the incomparable look of real ink on the page. 

Available in either orange or green.


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