Sopwith Camel Model Aeroplane

The Sopwith Camel was the most famous British fighter aeroplane of World War One. The Camel, so-called because of the hump-shaped protective covering over its machine guns, it shot down more enemy aircraft than any other Allied fighter ‘plane during World War One.

A beautiful large model reproduction. A lightweight frame is assembled and silk fabric is stretched across, similar to the original construction in the early 1900s.

Available in two sizes, large and extra-large.

Please note that due to their size and fragility, these models will take significantly longer to arrive than our standard shipping times - if you need speedy UK delivery, please contact us in advance of ordering for an estimated delivery date.

Large: 102 x 150 x 45.5 cm

Extra Large: 167 x 250 x 71 cm


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