Silver Arrow Model Car

This model car is a shiny, sleek desktop racer, representing both the glamour and the aerodynamic beauty of the most famous Grand Prix racers in history. The wheel hubs and rubber tires are made with the same exact detail as the original, though without a real engine! In 1934, the international motor sport governing body specified a maximum weight for Grand Prix racing cars of 750 kg, excluding tyres and fuel. The German team decided to reduce weight by foregoing even a coat of paint, exposing distinctive shining aluminium. Victory by one of these lead to the nickname Silberpfeil, or Silver Arrow. Their successors, which were built on the same chassis, continued to race successfully at the Indy 500 after the war. A wonderful conversation piece.

Available in classic silver with a choice of red or black seat, or in black with a red seat.

31 x 14.5 x 9 cm 


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