Large Rosewood Solitaire

This edition of the classic solitaire game is played with brightly coloured marbles on a beautifully made rosewood board. Includes 34 colourful marbles (32 to play and 2 spares). It's a surprisingly difficult yet very relaxing single-player game, which looks wonderful on a coffee table or display shelf. 

How to play: Fill all of the spaces on the board with marbles except the central space. You can move one marble at a time, which must leap over another marble. Leaps may only be horizontal or vertical, never diagonal. When you have moved a marble, remove the marble which has been leapt over from the board. Continue to do so until you have cleared the board. If you make your leaps logically, you should be able to end up with just one marble left - and then you win!

Board 30 x 30 x 5 cm

Marbles 2.5 cm 


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