Custom Design Rubber Stamp

Perfect for readers to create an Ex Libris stamp, or inveterate letter writers wishing to personalise all their missives, our custom design rubber stamps can come in any design you like! Just choose the size of your stamp, make an order, then send your image to along with your order number. If we need to edit the image to make it into a more effective stamp, we'll get in touch with an updated copy before it is made.

All stamps come as a rubber design attached to a clear acrylic plate on a classic wooden handle. As this is a completely custom item, it will add 5-7 working days to our standard shipping times. 

Need an ink pad for your stamp? You can find a whole range of colours here.  

Please note that if you need an extra-large stamp (grey areas on the sizing diagram) you'll just have to get in touch with us for a custom quote. 



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