Conklin Nozac Fountain Pen

A beautiful and unusual fountain pen. A striking polygonal design in beautifully shimmering resin with mesmerising depths of colour. Originally released by Conklin in 1931, at the time the Nozac was the only American piston-filler fountain pen in production. Based on the original model, the Nozac is machined to perfection then painstakingly hand-polished. Features eight smooth faceted sides, striking silver along the clip, grip, and ends, and a magnetic cap for a secure closure. The Nozac retains the original piston filler mechanism - to fill, simply twist the metal end of the barrel counterclockwise to create suction within the body, dip the nib into your ink of choice, then twist the screw back clockwise to fill. Comes fitted with Conklin’s iridium steel point nib in medium - please contact us to check availability if you require a different nib grade. 

Available in two colours:

Toledo Red, a stunning shade of dark maroon marbled with a mix of colours, flecked with purple, gold, blue, or orange.

Ohio Blue, a dazzling shade of true blue, dappled with shades of white, silver, and greens.



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