Alchemy of Colours - Ink Mixology Set

From luxury Florentine stationer Pineider, we are delighted to introduce the Alchemy of Colours Ink Mixology Set. 

Taking inspiration from CMYK printing, this set boasts glass bottles of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black), as well as a bottle of transparent ink to create lighter tones. With these five precious liquids, you can create unique personalised colours of ink, adding colour drop by drop until you reach your perfect shade. The set includes five empty glass bottles to capture your creations, and archive cards to record your successful formulae, along with detailed instructions on how to create popular shades. A pen filler and snorkel are also included, so you can fill your favourite fountain without wasting one exquisite drop of your glorious colour. The whole set comes in a rich green presentation box.

Pineider has been using traditional production methods since 1774 to produce the highest quality handmade papers, leather goods, custom stationery, desk sets and writing instruments. Napoleon Bonaparte is rumoured to be among the travellers who visited the historical Pineider shop in Florence, which became the luxury stationer of choice for authors, artists and poets, such as Stendhal, Lord Byron, Percy B. Shelley, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Charles Dickens.

Alchemy of Colours
The set contains everything needed for colour composition:
- 5 x 50 ml glass bottles of the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Transparent, each equipped with a glass eyedropper,
- 5 empty glass bottles to mix and preserve the colour created,
- 1 Pineider Pen Filler, a plunger fountain pen filler, which allows you to fill a pen with even just one single charge of ink,
- 1 Snorkel to fill a converter without getting your hands dirty,
- 1 Instruction booklet with formulae to create colours,
- 1 Set of archive cards to store the formulations of the colours you have created.


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