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Meet the Staff: Nick

Last time, you met Holly. In the next of our series it's time to find out a little bit more about Nick:

Hi Nick, thanks for chatting to the blog! First of all tell us how long you’ve been at Scriptum?

I’ve been here five months now. It really hasn’t felt like five months though - it’s been going by so fast. When you’re having fun you don’t really notice time going by.

What did you think of Scriptum the first time you visited?

Honestly, my first reaction was “wow! It’s my shop”, because if I had a dream shop it would be Scriptum. I’m still not done purchasing everything that I want to buy! I liked all of the detail in the shop - there are so many nooks and crannies, where you wouldn’t necessary think to look straight away, where you can find little treasures. I really think it takes a good four or five visits to the shop before you can take in a good chunk of everything - every time you come back you’ll find something you missed.

Now that you work here, what would you say is your favourite thing about Scriptum?

As much as people would think one might complain about the opera playing constantly in the shop, I never get tired of it. I even go home and listen to more. It gives the shop a bit of extra ambience and sets the mood, like you’re actually stepping into another world. As soon as you step out of the shop you can’t hear the music any more and you’re back in reality.

Ok, so in case our readers can’t detect your Louisiana accent through their computer screens, you’re from the States aren’t you? Can you tell us about the difference between Oxford and Lafayette, where you’re from?

They’re roughly the same size in population but I’d say the similarities end there. There’s definitely a lot more charm to Oxford, but having said that Lafayette is probably a bit more fun [Nick looks slightly guilty for saying this - ed] - there’s definitely a liveliness to Lafayette, with its Cajun culture. 

Holly, as we learned last time, has her calligraphy. You also have a creative outlet outside Scriptum, don’t you?

I have a bachelors degree in fine arts and I concentrated on painting and drawing, which I still love, but currently my work takes the form of building sort of dioramas and sets for claymation. I enjoy making the little rooms that I create, I have a big soft spot for interiors - that’s another reason Scriptum appeals to me. I love the layout and interior of the shop.

You mentioned earlier that you still haven’t bought all of the things in the shop that you’d like to… Do you think you might have a bit of an addiction to shopping at Scriptum, despite working here?!

Haha, I think so. It definitely started out with my owl purchase before I began working here. I bought a taxidermy owl and after that I was hooked. Working here doesn’t make it any easier because each time I come in I see any new stock we have and just go “ooh”. I still have a laundry list of items I’m planning to get. My wife says I’m starting to develop an addiction to wax seals; I already have six, along with eight different colours of wax. I even have a fleur de lys for letters back home as that’s the symbol of the local football team, the New Orleans Saints.

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Meet the Staff: Holly

Here's the first in a series of posts introducing Scriptum's staff. First, meet Holly:

Holly at Scriptum

Hi Holly! Let’s start with the basics: how long have you been working at Scriptum?

Just over two years. I’d just finished my masters at St Hilda’s but wasn’t ready to leave Oxford - then I saw that there was a job going at my favourite shop in the world so I walked in and begged to be employed.

What did you think of Scriptum the first time you visited?

I was a little intimidated by how beautiful everything was, but Karima, who worked here before me, was always very friendly and helpful. I used to come in mostly for the books but I ended up with several journals that I used to do my university work in. And friends would always buy me presents from here.

What’s your favourite thing about Scriptum?

I would say the people I get to meet, who share my love of beautiful stationery and the other quirky things we sell. There are loads of people who have fascinating stories about why they need a particular sort of inkwell, say, and you feel involved in people’s lives when you help them choose a special present.

You do calligraphy don’t you? Did you learn after working at Scriptum?

I did, I decided it would be a lot easier to sell inks and dip pens if I actually knew what I was talking about, and then I found that I really love it [and she’s very good at it - ed]. And then we started getting lots of requests for calligraphy projects, so I started doing it professionally. I mainly do specially commissioned pieces for people who want quotes, poems and certificates. The strangest commission I’ve ever had was filling a beautifully bound book with painstaking calligraphy detailing the rules of drinking games for a college rugby team! I’ve had the occasional request for a love letter too, and those are my favourite.

You’ve lived in Oxford for three years now, can you imagine ever living anywhere else? Can you imagine Scriptum being anywhere else?


I wouldn’t really want to live anywhere else. Oxford suits me, and Scriptum suits Oxford. I imagine it might possibly work somewhere like Bath, but the idea of Oxford without Scriptum is unthinkable.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite Scriptum products?

[Holly starts panicking and shouts “but I love all of it!” as she ponders the question.] Can I say journals? I have a different journal for every single thing at home, I spend most of my pay on them. One for books that I’ve read. One for dinner parties I’ve given. One for gardening. I have one for lists of present ideas. One for general lists. I have a music manuscript journal for piano practice and I also have a separate journal where I record how much I’ve practised. And then I’ve got lots of calligraphy journals for practising new fonts and things. I’m really stretched now when we get new journals in to think of something I actually need it for. Yet I still buy them! Oh and I’ve got a translation journal and an etymology journal. [Ok, I think we’ve got enough now - ed. Holly points out that this doesn’t even cover half of her journals.]

An example of Holly's calligraphy

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