Men's Letter-Writing Meet-Up

Mental health is an issue that affects us all, whether is it us or a loved one who is experiencing difficulty, so for a while now we have been fundraising with our Good Place Notebook, and we're delighted to have just made a donation of £1,200 to Oxfordshire Mind! We'll still be selling the Good Place Notebooks and donating £3 from each sale to Oxfordshire Mind, but our new initiative is intended to provide more direct support too.

Azeem will be running a weekly men's letter-writing group, providing stationery, stamps, and a friendly place to talk in a safe and socially distanced setting. The idea is to allow people to keep in touch with their wider support networks in a low-stress way (on beautiful stationery, of course, which will all be provided!) while providing a supportive environment for men to engage with their own feelings. It is specifically aimed at men as studies indicate that men are less likely both to talk about their mental health and to seek help, and at the moment the numbers we can have in each group are limited because of Covid restrictions.

The first meeting will be from 12pm-3pm on Tuesday 19th October in St Michael at the North Gate Church, and we encourage anyone who is interested to email to book their place (£10 per place, all proceeds go to Mind Oxfordshire).