Meet the team: Harry

Hello there Scriptum Blog readers! My name is Harry, I’m the newest member of the Scriptum team, and it’s a pleasure to meet you all. A little about me: I am a recent English Literature graduate, and I’ve lived in Oxford for three years now with my fiancée. I adore all things stationery, but have a particular interest in everything to do with fountain pens.

I’m hopefully going to be posting on this blog with relative frequency, and so I felt the best way to start that was with a very brief account of how I have found my first month-and-a-bit working in the shop.

After a few days of building excitement, Monday the 9th of August rolled around, and I finally began my employment with Scriptum. I was massively nervous ahead of my first day, as there was just so much stock to learn about and so many fascinating details about suppliers to ingest. Thankfully, Azeem, Holly and Kirsty were on hand to guide me through everything nice and slowly, teaching me about all the amazing suppliers we work with, and blowing me away with their knowledge of all things Scriptum. The nerves that were present at the start of the day soon dissipated - now I was just hungry to learn as much as possible.

My training carried on this way for a few weeks as I worked part-time, until I eventually started full-time at the end of August. I was so relieved to finally be full-time, as getting to spend five days a week in the shop is a real treat, and I really felt that I was beginning to know my stuff by this point. My interest in pens, though always strong, has hit fever-pitch since starting to work full-time. Gazing into the cabinet around 670 times a day makes me not only want to know everything I possibly can about each pen, but also makes me want to own them all.

That’s my only real problem with the job: I simply want to buy everything I see!
This may sound like an exaggeration, but if you could see the list in my journal of all the things I want, you would hardly believe your eyes. Pages, I tell you, pages. All joking aside, I feel so grateful that a month-and-a-bit in, I am still absolutely adoring my work. I know this feeling isn’t going to fade either, which makes waking up every day and coming to work just about the easiest thing on Earth. Having the privilege of working with people who, aside from being excellent at their jobs, really take pride and joy in what they do is incredibly cheering, and to have people come in every day and marvel at how beautiful the shop is only adds to that.

I cannot wait to see what my future at Scriptum holds for me, as I know it will be fascinating and enjoyable in equal measure. I’m cooking up some ideas for future blog posts, so I hope to see you all back here very soon for some (hopefully) interesting endeavours, and to see some of you in person in the shop very soon! Ta-ta for now.

Harry in Scriptum